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In order to enrol, you must first pass a preliminary entrance exam. Succesful candidates are then graded into the appropriate year/level of the overall study plan which best matches their ability and can then register with us as students.


NB: In order to safeguard a place with us, it is advisable to attend the main entrance exam period for music studies at the start of the semester. However, students can be accepted onto courses throughout the academic year, depending on available places.


Music studies: entrance examinations

Entrance Exam Procedure and Requirements:

•    The candidate should play 3-4 pieces which are a good display of their current level and ability.
•    Following a successful entrance exam, the candidate is then graded into a particular year/level of the overall course of study, according to his/her ability.


NB: Please bring the music along with you to the entrance exam. After applying for the exam, you will be informed of any additional requirements (e.g. for Conducting or Composition) in due course. The entrance exam fee is Euro 50,-. (Special conditions apply for students from China, Iran, Turkey.)



Those who have successfully passed the entrance exam can then fill out the registration form in our main office. You will provide us with your personal details (e.g. contact information) and sign a contract for one academic year of study.


You must bring the following documents and items in order to register as a student:

•    Report from the successful entrance exam

•    Passport plus current visa (if applicable)

•    2 passport-sized photographs

•    Prepayment for candidates who require a visa is from €1150 (semester fee incl. the annual registration fee). NB: this prepayment varies depending on your chosen course of study, please check the exact prepayment required!)

Optional: we can accredit previous music studies at a higher education institute - please bring a transcript of studies and, if necessary, an accredited translation into either English or German.


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