Office Hours (Term-Time)

Office Mühlgasse 28, 1040 Vienna (Tel.: +43 1 / 587 57 49):

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 14.00-17.00
Wednesday: 10.00-12.00, 14.00-17.00
Friday: 13.00-15.00


Office Mariahilfer Strasse 51, 1060 Vienna (Tel.: +43 1 / 581 20 58):

Tuesday, Thursday: 10.00-13.00



Theory Subjects & Complementary Subjects Summer Semester 2018

The list of theoretical and complementary subjects for Summer Semester 2018 is ready for collection in the main office!

Entrance Exams

Individual appointments can be arranged after application per e-mail or in the office!


Classical, Jazz: Main examination periods are the first and the last two weeks of each semester.


SS 2018: 22.1. - 2.2.2018 and 12.2. - 23.2.2018

Study year 2018/2019: 18.6. - 29.6.2018 and 3.9. - 14.9.2018

(Examination fee: €50 EU / €100 non-EU)

Additional Offers

Alongside the Artistic Diploma courses of study, we also offer extracurricular education, such as a music school for amateur musicians and early musical training for children.

Academic Year

Academic Year 2017/2018:

Winter Semester: 4.9.2017 - 4.2.2018

Summer Semester: 12.2.2018 - 29.6.2018

The Diploma courses for Acting and Speech are no longer offered by Prayner Conservatory.  Please contact the NeueSchauspielschule.at

(Please note: Native level German required for these courses!)


Concerts 2017/2018

In the last academic year all our departments presented themselves to a wide audience with great success.  This year our events calendar is looking as full as ever.



Audition for the musical theatre HEIDI 2018

Für die Uraufführung des neuen Musicals HEIDI (Musik von Michael Schanze-Buch von Hans Dieter Schreeb) im Museumsquartier in Wien suchen wir exzellente Sänger/innen, Schauspieler/innen und Tänzer/innen.


Audition am 5. und 6 Oktober 2017 in Wien, Theater im ersten Stock, Vienna Konservatorium, Mariahilferstr. 51, 1060 Wien.

Teilnahme nur auf Einladung

Bewerbungsschluss: 22.9.2017


Bitte senden Sie Ihre vollständigen Bewerbungsunterlagen mit Vita und aktuellen Fotos (in einer PDF-Datei zusammengefasst) per E-Mail an Bettina Weyers (bweyers@gallissas.com).


Premiere am 8.10.2018 im Museumsquartier in Wien

Probebeginn: 17.9.2018


Regie: Prof. Manfred Waba

Co-Regie: Michael Schanze

Competitions of our students

We congratulate our students on their fantastic results in recent competitions!

Bayerische Philharmonie / Auditions 2017

Probespiele 2017


Im Juli 2017 bietet die Bayerische Philharmonie wieder Probespiele für Musikstudenten und junge Profis an. Nach bestandenem Probespiel werden die Teilnehmer eingeladen an den verschiedenen Projekten der Bayerischen Philharmonie teilzunehmen. Die Projekte in der Klangzeit 2017 erstrecken sich über »Bruckner4 plus«, »Mozart – Requiem«, »Weihnachsoratorium« und »Mozart +« vom Symphonieorchester bis zum Kammerorchester mit Konzerten in München und auf Konzerttourneen. Bereits bestehende Ensembles können sich zudem für eine Aufnahme in die Datenbank von »Zeitklänge − Gesellschaft für musikalischen Mehrwert mbH«, dem Agenturpartner der Bayerischen Philharmonie, qualifizieren.



Wien: Prayner Konservatorium, Montag, 3. Juli 2017 Anmeldeschluss: 22. Juni 2017
München Montag, 10. Juli 2017 Anmeldeschluss: 30. Juni 2017
Freiburg Donnerstag, 20. Juli 2017 Anmeldeschluss: 11. Juli 2017
Stuttgart Freitag, 21. Juli 2017 Anmeldeschluss: 12. Juli 2017



Mariahilferstraße 51, 1060 Vienna
Web: www.konservatorium-prayner.at
Email: bibliothek@konservatorium-prayner.at

Opening hours:
Tuesdays       10:00 - 13:00
Wednesdays 14:00 – 17:00

Inventory: The library has a diverse range of open-access material available, which cannot be loaned and must be used exclusively on the premises.  A photocopier and scanner are available to library users.
Sheet music: Piano reductions, scores and sheet music for various instruments which students and teachers require for studies and lessons.
Books: Reference material, work listings, biographies, journals, theatre programmes and academic publications in the fields of music practice, music pedagogy, music history, musicology, dance and drama etc.
Media Centre: CDs and LPs can be used on site with audio equipment and headphones.

Subject to financial possibilities, this collection will be continually extended based
on recommendations from teachers and students.


Online Catalogue: The online catalogue is still being compiled, though part of the overall library collection is already catalogued. Readers can consult a printed and digital listing of the entire inventory. Registered users can pre-order material online.

Registration: Students require a valid student ID with a library barcode in order to use the library. Users can register directly in the library by filling out a registration form.


Come and visit the VIENNA CONS JAM SESSIONS - 23.02. / 29.03. / 26.04. / 31.05. / 28.06.2016


zwe - das urgemütliche jazzlokal, Floßgasse 4, 1020 Wien


Many thanks to all our guests and Jazz teachers for their contribution in the past year:

Joe Abentung (b), Herbert Berger (sax), Rudi Berger (vl), Joszef Botos (g), Joris Dudli (dm), Peter Gabis (dm), Harry Gansberger (p), Markus Gaudriot (p), Mario Gonzi (dm), Lubomir Gospodinov (sax), Walter Grassmann (dm), Christian Havel (g), Karl Hodas (b), Pawel Kozakiewicz (b), Thomas Kugi (sax), Uli Langthaler (b), Jörg Leichtfried (p), Matilda Leko (voc), Sandro Miori (sax), Herwig Neugebauer (b), Daniel Nösig (tp), Dusan Novakov (dm), Harald Putz (b), Michael Sator (dm), Karl Sayer (b), Joschi Schnmeeberger (b), Fritz Isaak Steiner (g), Hans Strasser (b), Andi Weiss (dm), Heinrich Werkl (b), Bernhard Wiesinger (sax) amongst others.

Stadtinitiative vienna concerts

The Stadtinitiative Wien regularly hosts traditional concerts with well-known musicians and actors in the Ehrbarsaal auditorium within the Prayner Conservatory.

Ticket reservations and info: konzerte@stadtinitiative.at, +43 (0)1 5850888 or via
klassik.oeticket.com, +43 (0)1 96096


Concert Grand Piano in the Ehrbarsaal

In 2012 the KLAVIERgalerie (Piano Gallery Vienna) provided us with an August Förster grand concert piano, completely handmade in Germany.  In 2013 they additionally provided us with a Bösendorfer grand concert piano.


Contact and info: office@klaviergalerie.at


Active Associate of the AEC

Prayner Conservatory of Mag. Josef Schmid is an active associate of the AEC (Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen).


The Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen (AEC) is a European cultural and educational network which was founded in 1953 and represents the interests of every institute at which musical professions are taught.  The association fulfils these aims via the following activities:


•    Encouragement and support of international cooperation between member institutions.
•    Realising international projects within the field of musical education.
•    Organising an annual congress with various subject-specific seminars from its members.
•    Representing the best interests of the musical education sector on a national, European and international level.


 Prayner Conservatory was accepted as a new active associate by the AEC Council in the academic year 2008/09.


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